Monday, 30 November 2009

Video Marketing In 5 Easy Steps

Video marketing is the next generation of marketing on the Internet. It is poised to replace almost all written text on the world wide web. So how do you take advantage of this powerful advertising medium and apply it to your business?

This article is going to discuss 5 simple ways you can utilize video marketing to improve your sales and conversions, while at the same time branding yourself as an expert in your particular niche. Video marketing is one of the most fun marketing methods available online.

1.Create a youtube account. Brand it around your business and upload videos where you talk about your products and services in a review format. People are pretty hype proof these days so 'video hype selling' is not as effective as it once was. However, a highly informative review video will get a lot of attention as people are always in search of information.

2.Add video to your lead capture pages. Even something as simple as introducing yourself and asking your potential prospect to fill in their name and email address can go a long ways in improving your conversions in your particular niche and home based business.

3.Upload videos to your blogs talking about the articles you just wrote. The benefits of having video guide your visitors through the articles on your blog will create additional interest in you and your small piece of the Internet. Video on blogs is absolute gold.

4.Use the video functions of the free instant messaging services to stay in contact with your potential clients and customers. This technology was unthinkable even just a few years back, and today we have this ability and we have it for free. You might as well take advantage of it. By being available at all times on yahoo, Skype, msn increase customer trust in you and your products.

5.Tweet videos! The power of twitter is non-debatable. Twitter is a social networking, list building powerhouse. And by twittering your videos you bring increased exposure and will see better conversions in everything that you do with your home based business. Twitter with video marketing is probably the best combination of free technology ever invented.

Video is a very powerful tool when used correctly and consistently. Video will drive traffic faster than nearly every other source of SEO advertising, but that does not mean you should drop everything you are currently doing. Implement video marketing into your online marketing portfolio and you will see your sales and your business improve by leaps and bounds virtually overnight.

Steven Lanier is an online marketer, and professional list builder. Steven has grown large downlines in several MLM's and is a top affiliate in many companies and opportunities. Visit his website here

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