Monday, 30 November 2009

How to Triple Your Traffic in 3 Days for FREE

Whether you run an online business or you own a small business in town, people are paying huge sums of money everyday for advertising in order to increase sales. Fortunately for you, I am going to show you 3 great ways to increase your traffic so that you can increase your sales at no cost. Get ready!

#1 Social Networking

Most people don't know about it, but you can make tons of sales at no cost by using social networking. And even better, there is almost no competition because almost NO ONE is using it! So here is what you do. Sign up for a free account at Windows Live Spaces, Facebook, MySpace, etc. After signing up, search for people in categories that are relevant to what you are selling and become friends with them. What better way to find potential customers than to become their friend and eventually, after "sweet talking" them" for a few days, get them to visit your website to look at your products.

Note: searching people in categories mainly relates to Windows Live Spaces. But you can still use Facebook and MySpace as a great way to connect with others and share your products.

#2 Forums

Start joining forums that are relevant to what you are selling and follow these simple steps.

a. Start making helpful posts, but do not promote your product in the beginning

b. On every 5th post, find a relevant topic and advertise through your post, while remaining helpful

c. Continue to do this on every 5th post so that all the other members see you as a reliable contributor

Bonus: Create a forum signature that will be at the bottom of EVERY POST you make. In this forum signature include a link to your website. Who knows, maybe they'll be interested and just click on it, even on the posts when you aren't promoting anything.

#3 Classifieds

Advertise your products in free classifieds. I recommend US Free Ads. There is nothing better than being able to have your product floating around on a website that gets millions of views every week. And if your willing to pay a little bit of money, you can get even more exposure. For $9.99 a month you can have your ads go towards the top of every search, bringing you even more sales. And on top of that, for an additional $10 per month, you can have your ads moved to the VERY TOP of search lists and have your ad distributed to an additional 50 classified sites.

Those are three great ways that I have learned and implemented in order to get FREE traffic online that not many people are using these days. Enjoy!

To your Success!

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