Sunday, 29 November 2009

Making Money the Easy Way.

Is there an easy way to make money?

Every webmaster and guru out there says yes it is easy to make money on the Internet.

I could dispute that fact and say it is extremely hard to make money unless you have thought up a brand new idea that no one else on the web has even thought about.

Even then you must spend money to make money because you need to let the whole internet world know about this new idea and that means advertising.

Advertising costs money if you want to be seen in record time.

The easiest way I have found to make money is advertising on your own website but you first of all need a website that has a reasonable amount of traffic otherwise no one will see your ads.

If you decide that you like the idea of advertising to make money then your next step is to find websites that offer you the opportunity of advertising their programs.

Here is a selection that get you started. Just type these names into the searches and join each one you will then have a nice selection to choose from.

My first and favourite is ClickBank - it has thousands of affiliate programs to choose from and that alone could be all you need, but by joining others you will have a varied selection.

Trade Doubler has a fantastic amount of programs, many of these are large stores and shops that everyone is interested in, they also have competition and lottery websites to advertise, they have banners and text ads in all sizes so it is a good choice.

Affiliate Windows is another good one, it is very similar to Trade doubler but the one good thing I like about this website is that when you apply to join any program you usually get instant permission, I find this a great help if I am in the mood to ad extra website pages.

A few others are Primary Ads, Clixsgalore, The Bizopsnetwork, Bidvertiser, this is very similar to Google AdSense. Directresponse is another.

You will find more if you go go through the search engines but I find these are sufficient for any website.

Do not forget to ad text to your pages even if it is just about the programs you are advertising. Search engines like Google love loads of text on the pages with of course a good sprinkling of keywords.

Do not forget Google AdSense when designing your pages, once you have traffic you will find it is an excellent source of income and could account to over half the income you make with your website.

If you decide to use AdSense then be careful not to use any other click program like bidvertiser as Google does not like competition or sharing.

Bright colours are a no no, for some reason they turn lots of people off so stick to pale colours with a splash of brighter colour to pep it up.

A white background is preferable for a business website but that is your choice, a white background will show off your ads without clashing with the various colours that the banners come in.

With the information on this page you can build a complete website and with all the info you will find in each ad network you can ad extra pages when ever you feel like it.

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