Friday, 4 December 2009

Top 3 Must Haves For a Facebook Fan Page

Facebook fanpages are a great tool for businesses. They offer opportunities to connect, and engage clients, prospects, and joint venture partners. The trick is knowing what you need on your fanpage to make it all work.

1. A Welcome or Landing page that reflects your brand. Your Facebook fanpage is an extension of your brand and must reflect that. Include your branding images and logos on your landing page as well as within your profile picture. Add links to your website, blog, products, services and other social networks, these links should bring them back to your website where they can have the opportunity to learn more and eventually 'buy' from you.

Add your sign up box for your mailing list; whether a monthly or weekly newsletter or eZine. This can be included within your welcome or landing page.

2. Keep up to date with Content Linking your fanpage to your blog is one of the more effective ways to keep your fanpage wall filled with active content. Use the 'Notes' application to import your blog directly to your fanpage. Once setup, every time you publish a new blog post it will automatically feed the new post directly to your fanpage wall and send a status update to all your fans.

Visit your fanpage at least weekly to include new information not found elsewhere. You need not write an entire novel, keep it short and have a focus (ie. a tip of the week) this will make it much easier to create the content to add here.

3. Engage your Fans

Visit your fanpage on a regular basis in order to know how and when visitors are making comments or asking questions. Answer them back. This shows your commitment to connecting with the people who take the time to fan your page. Many businesses create their fanpages with great branding and content; but if you do not make any effort to connect and engage the fans you are wasting your time and effort with the fanpage.

All of these tactics work well if you have a main goal or purpose to your fanpage that keeps you focused. It will be easier to decide what to include as content on your fanpage if you have set goals in place.

Kathy Colaiacovo, is a certified Social Media Virtual Assistant and helps clients to customize their social media profiles in order to help them grow their business using social media.

Kathy invites you to learn more about Twitter, Facebook and using them for your business by starting with a complimentary copy of her DOs and Don'ts Guide to Social Media.

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