Monday, 14 December 2009

Learning Affiliate Marketing and Getting it Right First Time

If you have a real passion and hunger towards learning affiliate marketing you'll have been through the initial ups (when you buy into the instant cash dream), hit the lows as you struggle to make your first dollar and then fight the urge to 'spin too many plates' and try too many different ideas without having success at any. Classic problems and what I'm going to share with you today will (without doubt) help and more importantly work.

Learning affiliate marketing will start to reap the rewards and once your clickbank or paypal (or both) start to see sales, you've jumped that first hurdle so many fall at.

Yawn... Finding a profitable niche in seconds
How to find a profitable niche is instrumental in learning affiliate marketing. You may have found this an initial stumbling block because many of the profitable niche are already inundated with affiliates you've got to battle with for that Google ranking. Pick a popular product and yes you've got a seller, if you can get traffic to it.

So how do you overcome the competition, how to you fight the super-affilates and carve your niche or rather micro-niche? Answer? You don't have to... A profitable niche is accompanied by a ton of traffic and not all that traffic goes to the first 10 ranks on Google. Have you ever (genuinely) been searching for information on the internet and skipped through several pages to find the title or site that answers your question? I have.

In a profitable marketing you have the volume of traffic to provide the spill over to get traffic, regardless of your ranking once you create the correct style of website with a good layout.

Boring... Keyword Research
If you really want to fight those super-affiliates and your serious about learning affiliate marketing you need to understand that 'affiliate marketing' is 'keyword marketing'. The two are one and the same and you have to dominate your niche for that keyword. Then expand (ie. into an authority site).

Lets use a brand new, controversial keyword research tool.. You're imagination. Now I don't know the exact figures but I know a man who does. It can be shown that there are a ridiculous amount of long tail keywords that are unique. You can prove this by thinking back to your own research. How many times have you abandoned a keyword because there was insufficient or no result? I have but that doesn't mean you can win ALL those random keywords. This is learning affiliate marketing the super clever way!

Go to the search engines, put on your 'customer hat' and think about what someone might type it. Give it a go and start thinking, brand name, product name, ingredients, versions, misspellings. Now create content that has it all. If you don't believe me, keep on reading and you will sold on this idea!

Just do it..
This isn't just tat, non-sense and I certainly haven't simply dreamt it up. I've used this in learning affiliate marketing and having made all the mistakes, I'm now getting somewhere (finally).

The brains behind this 'controversy' is a fellow (and super-affiliate) called Chris Rempel, he's making headlines, reaching cult status and you can tap into his unique approach to learning affiliate marketing easy. The man over delivers and if you want to make some bucks (think his six figure income at 24 years of age) then get your butt in gear and check him out.

Stop trying so hard now that learning affiliate marketing has never been 'clearer'.

Don't deny your paypal and clickbank their food and you're fun! Check out this LINK and start learning affiliate marketing the lazy way. Forget what NWA said and 'do believe the hype'. - I've never said a truer word

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