Sunday, 11 October 2009

Free Marketing Plan.

Beginning something from scratch is always a challenge and Internet marketing is no different. There is a huge amount of information to learn and for total newbies it can find it tough going in the first few months. Some people give up too early because either they are they are not properly trained or get caught up in the hype and quit because they do not see instant results.

I had no idea whatsoever what SEO, PPC, or HTML stood for and I must say I did struggle a bit to get around the jargon. I had only sent my first email a few months before and my computer skill was very basic. But as time progressed things got easier day by day and in no time I was very comfortable with my computer.

One thing a lot of people do not realise is that you can get great results from free advertising. Of course you will have to purchase your business opportunity and there will be some running costs but actual advertising aspect can be done for very low cost. I say low cost but you will be paying with your time as these methods will take longer than say an Ezine or Google Adwords which is pretty much on autopilot. When you start to make money you can invest some profit into paid methods to free up some time for yourself.

So what I wanted to do was give people a few quick hints and tips on how to make money from home without breaking the bank and let's be honest it is always nice to get something for nothing. I have listed and described five popular ways of generating some free traffic until you get yourself some advertising money, so here we go!

Get a blog set up and start posting to it. If you do not know what a blog is, I will explain. Blogging is really like having an online diary and you can write about anything you like, but you want to blog about your business. It can keep your future prospects up to date with what services you are providing. Do not write posts as if they are sales letters. Write information on business and this will stop anyone accusing you of spamming. Always remember that blogging is supposed to be for entertainment and information and you will be fine!

Start to use the free online classified sites. Just search in the search engines as you will find as many as you want. If you have quite a lot of free time post as many as you can. Write a good ad with an interesting eye catching headline and if permitted a link to your website. Many sites tell you how many times your ad has been viewed so keep the good adverts and rewrite the bad. What are you waiting for? Get writing!

Search for some discussion forums in your niche. These are great places to meet people, learn more and give advice to people who are less experienced than you. You can place a link to your own website in most discussion boards in the signature box they provide. This will appear in every post that you make and in time people will click on this to visit your site. Never advertise on forums as this will get you suspended or banned, so it would be a good idea to read the rules first to make sure.

Start to write some press releases about the products and services that you offer. These are written as a third person, informing people about any new developments or special offers that you may have. Search engines love them so you will get some nice free publicity.

Offline advertising in local newspapers, business cards, free classified papers, flyers! All low cost and could gain you some business, just use your imagination and get busy!

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